There are several things we do take to make our wedding unforgettable. Hiring a limo through a limousine service in Dallas, Texas is one of those essential things. Choosing the right limo service in Dallas isn’t sufficient when it comes to your wedding. There are certain things you must carry along in your vehicle.

Bottled water

To ensure you stay hydrated even after running around all day, you must carry bottled water. This ensures that both of you remain refreshed and awake.

An emergency kit for the bride

This comes in handy if the dress of the bride needs to be adjusted a bit. It consists of clippers, small scissors, band-aids, and nail polish. Even the bridesmaids can use this stuff.


Due to stress and nervousness, you might suffer from a headache or upset stomach. This is why carrying Advils and antacids is essential.

An Umbrella

It is also a good idea to be prepared for a rainy day by taking an umbrella along. Your dress/suit remains unaffected in a rainstorm by doing so.

Some snacks

Having some snacks is necessary to satiate your craving during the entire day. More often than not, the couples don’t get a chance to have a bite of food when they are involved with their guests.

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