The cosmopolitan city of Dallas is known for its shopping centers, restaurants, and overall night-life. Its rich history sets it apart from other cities in the United States; home of the beloved Dallas Cowboys and the largest art district that spans over 19 blocks of museums, galleries, street arts, and vendors. On the other hand, Fort Worth is known for its cowboys and western heritage, rich culture, and friendly people. The cultural diversity of the metropolitan area of the DFW area will make any trip worthwhile, with unique visiting spots and an almost limitless amount of things to do. Cowboys Limousine has developed a guide of 10 things to do in Dallas-Fort Worth.
things to do in dallas

1. AT&T Stadium

Located in Arlington, it’s popularly known as “Jerry World” or “The Death Star,” and it’s home to the Cotton Classic. It has hosted football, soccer, basketball, supercross, boxing, and even Wrestling events since its inauguration in 2009.

Whether you’re a football fan or not, something is always happening at AT&T Stadium. If you’re planning a visit to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, the home of the Dallas Cowboys is definitely the place to see. You can look at upcoming events on their website here. Don’t miss a chance to see it!

2. Dallas World Aquarium

This for-profit zoo is located in the West End of the Dallas Historic District. It originally opened in 1992 and now houses multiple endangered species. The Dallas World Aquarium is part of a cooperative initiative with other zoos that encourages breeding endangered animals in hopes of salvaging almost-extinct animal species. You can enjoy multiple exhibits, like the Cloud Forest Trek, Mundo Maya, and the Orinoco Aviary. This first-class zoo also offers unique dining spots, so you won’t have to leave your favorite exhibits if you want to have a cup of coffee or something more substantial. You can’t miss their wildlife exhibits if you enjoy animals and unique learning experiences.
iFly Fort Worth

3. iFly Fort Worth

If you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, then this Fort Worth skydiving experience is one of the most exciting things you can find in the metroplex. This indoor skydiving experience is perfect for birthdays, corporate celebrations, or just a good time with a group of friends. They can accommodate groups of up to 50-100 people with previous notice!

4. JFK Assassination and Museum Tour

Perhaps one of the most well-known pieces of history in the history of Dallas, the assassination of former U.S president John F. Kennedy continues to astound visitors from all over the world. Plenty of walking and car tours will take you to the JFK Memorial, the Grassy Knoll, and the events leading up to his assassination in 1963.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza is a must-see option for history buffs or anyone yearning to learn more about this historical tragedy. You will even find a recreation of the crime scene where Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy from the sixth floor of the now Dallas County Administration Building and a retelling of the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination.

5. Reunion Tower Geo Deck

The famous Dallas Reunion Tower features an observation deck 470 feet up, overlooking the downtown area. Visitors can experience a 360-degree view with high-definition cameras and telescopes that make this observation experience unique. You can also revisit some of Dallas’ history and fun facts with their interactive, modern screens that will introduce you to famous landmarks and other things to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

6. Fort Worth Zoo

Founded in 1909, this zoo houses over 540 species of animals, with bird exhibits, mammals, fish, reptiles, and amphibians. The Fort Worth Zoo is another must-see attraction of the metroplex. You can plan birthday parties, school trips, weddings, and corporate events at this wildlife park on Colonial Parkway.

This zoo has activities for all ages. It also hosts events at all times of the year and offers catering for any activity you might want to plan in this beautiful wildlife location.

7. Perot Museum of Nature and Science

If learning is your thing, this natural science museum in Victory Park offers exhibits of all kinds, from an experience of the human body, dinosaurs, and the universe — the Perot Museum has it all. You can check out their permanent exhibits or be on the lookout for temporary ones that might catch your eye. They even offer discounts for groups of 10 people or more.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

8. Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

The Fort Worth Stockyards is one of the most famous attractions in the DFW Metroplex. This historical place is the home to Billy Bob’s Texas, the largest honky-tonk in the world. If you’re looking for an authentic cultural experience, the Stockyards Historic District is definitely worth your time.

9. Fort Worth Water Gardens

Located in downtown Fort Worth next to the Convention Center, the Water Gardens expand to 5.4 acres of land, and it’s a popular tourist destination. It features three beautiful pools of water, fountains, and special lighting that make this viewing experience one of a kind. If you’re looking for a relaxing evening sightseeing, the Fort Worth Water Gardens are the perfect place to enjoy and feel in touch with nature.

10. Pub Crawl

There are countless places in the DFW area where you can enjoy a pub crawl and drink like a cowboy. The Stockyards are a great place in Fort Worth to try out saloons and bars, and Dallas features the Deep Ellum entertainment district, where you can experience a fun night out drinking with company.

Whether you’re visiting the metroplex for an adrenaline-filled time or a quiet night out, there are endless activities to do in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Cowboys Limousine will take you anywhere you need to go without worrying about expensive parking or appointing designated drivers for a fun night out pub crawling with friends.

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